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    In no particular order, here are some FAQ’s we get! ;) 

    •How do we buy from you? 

    There are several ways to shop with us! You can order from the website. You can join our Monroe House Shopping Group on Facebook. On Facebook just comment with your desired size and email address and we will send you an invoice. Or you can always shop in person at one of our 3 locations. Also, we are set up at several events throughout the year. View our events on Facebook to keep up with us! 

    •Are you a direct sales company?

    No! Meg and I built the company ourselves from the ground up. We make every buying and business decision.

    •How does sizing work?

    When we go to market we try everything one. We only buy it if it runs true to size or more generous... occasionally we will get something in that might run smaller, but we will always tell you if that is the case. So rest assured that things run pretty true to size. Here is the link to our sizing guide!

    •Where are you all from?

    Anna lives in Walnut Grove and Meg lives in Conway. We work out of a small space in Conway. Our space is not generally open to the public. We do however have our clothing inside three business in the surrounding areas. Click here to see our locations.

    •Do you all have *a certain top* at your _______ store?

    Most generally no. If you see it for sale on the website or shopping group we have it with us. Then eventually things get circulated to our stores. We don’t have duplicates of things so if you see it online and want it, it’s best to buy it then or it could be gone.

    •Where is pick up?

    We don’t offer pick ups at this time. In order for us to get the product to you the fastest, it’s best that we ship it. It comes via USPS and is usually to you within a day or two.

    •Do I have to pay shipping?

    Again, shipping to you is the fastest way to get your product. We keep our prices lower than many competitors so we do ask that you pay shipping if your order is less than $75. After $75 you automatically get FREE shipping!! Most of the time we loose some money on shipping orders to try and help our customers with cost.

    •How do I return or exchange something?

    We are glad you asked! Click here to be taken to our return/exchange policy!

    •Do you all have a storefront? 

    We are an online boutique but we do have our clothing in three different locations. Click here to be taken to our locations page. Please go and support these businesses! We are proud to partner with them!