Too Many Denim Choices

     As Americans we love having choices, but at some point things can be a bit overwhelming. I for one, am not always sure of what I want, but if you show me something, I will tell you if I like it or not, and then I can begin to narrow it down. Today we are going to talk about denim. Right now rolled short denim is the trend. I must admit that when I go to my closet I find myself reaching for the same 2 pairs of jeans time and time again. Why? Because I love the way they fit and the style pairs with any outfit or occasion I may attend. Let’s break it down now to find what you don’t want and ultimately we can match you up with the perfect pair of denim.

As soon as you saw this picture you immediately thought, “I love those” or “I hate those.” If you hated them chances are you are not into print. I must say that I am a fan of the print, but I also like that they are destructed, but by having the fabric underneath, you aren’t actually showing any skin. I also think the print is fun and I would pair this with a cute graphic tee, but I will admit these are definitely more of a casual pair of jeans.

Next option: The trusty boyfriend jean. The two pairs of jeans that I always reach for are both boyfriend jeans. I like the way this style fits because they are not skin tight. These are also pretty heavily destructed, but again for a casual run about town these would be super comfortable. These would also be a good option if the leopard print turned you off earlier. I like that the hem line is rolled up on these. Depending on the shoes that I am wearing, that will usually determine how far up I roll my jeans.

The unfinished hem line... Right off the bat these are a “yay” or “nay” kind of pants. I like the darker wash of these jeans, but I may feel like the scarecrow off the Wizard of Oz with the fringe at the bottom…sorry…. I don’t know… Maybe the more I look at them I could see myself in them. I like that the destruction is kept to a minimum. This pair is more fitted throughout which might be a nice change from my usual boyfriend look. I also like how these sit higher on the waist. I am all about hiking them up to keep in my belly pulled in. Fringe can also come in different lengths so I might have to ease into a shorter fringe to begin with.

This style kind of marries the two above. This is my trusty boyfriend jean, with an unfinished hem line, but is a high-low! Talk about a plot twist. I think this would be a nice change and I think that if you got tired of the hem line you could roll it and it would be normal. I also think that if you wore these with a pair of heels it would make you look taller. Or it might accentuate your cankles… :) Either way, it might be a fun trend to try if you could find a pair on sale.

These are a safe bet if you are trying the whole, “rolled up” look for the first time. If you are wearing a short pair of sneakers and its cold outside, just roll them up once. If it’s warmer and you have on a cute pair of booties then I would roll these a couple of times. The great thing about this hem line is you can roll it up tight and small or you could roll it once, but make the fold larger depending on the look you are going for. I think the larger the fold on the hem line the more casual the look. The smaller the roll on the hemline, the dressier it can be made to look. These have a longer inseam so these could be just regular skinny jeans, also.

I think this pair may be my favorite. I like how these are more relaxed, but not quite as slouchy looking as the boyfriend jean. I also love the dark wash and how the destruction is kept to a minimum. These have a shorter inseam so these won’t have to be rolled as far. These would be my go-to pair. I could dress these up with a flowy top and pair them with cute heels, but the next day wear these with my comfy sneakers to a ball game. These could be worn rolled once, but you could leave them unrolled and they would still be shorter than typical jeans, which I like.


So friends, which one would be your go-to pair? Are you more bold and trendy or do you find yourself reaching for the same old pair day in and day out? I would love to hear what your favorite pair of jeans are like.

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