Soul Speaking

Well friends, it has been way to long since my last blog post. How is it that time can seem to get away so quick? I have had several moments where I felt led to sit down and type but the time just hasn’t allowed for that. The list of excuses go from 2 year old, work, horse shows, and I could keep going but for now I am just going to be thankful for the opportunity of a spare minute to type out my thoughts. To recap from my last blog, I spoke of how music speaks to be! It allows me to relate in ways I am unsure how to communicate through. I am not always good at explaining myself or my feelings but a song can seem to sum up everything I feel. The song I was writing about in my last blog was People are Good by Luke Bryan. It just speaks to me. The words are so true and raw, and I love that. So let’s continue.

“I believe you love who you love, ain’t nothing you should ever be afraid of”... Well this little sentence will turn into a completely different blog if I am not careful. Some people know and some don’t, but my sweet hubby and I are 19 years apart. It was a challenging beginning to our relationship, not because of anything either of us did, but the struggle came from people around us. Those circumstances were tough and tested our relationship from the very beginning, but I knew when we somehow survived those rough months, we would make it. During our early times together, we completely remodeled a small home together where I then moved 3 hours away from home. Having never been away from home or family before, this was tough. But after making that little house our home, being so far away wasn’t so bad anymore. We explored our new town and new home together. I will forever cherish those memories together. We grew so much during that time, and it will forever be one of my most favorite seasons of life. Let’s fast forward 5 years later, and we have since gotten to move back closer to family and welcome our sweet baby boy who isn’t so little anymore. He is a crazy (almost) 2-year-old that runs our lives. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. This is a pretty amazing season of life that I am getting to enjoy with my husband. He is so special to me and spoils me daily. I couldn’t want for anything more.

“I believe this world ain’t half as bad as it looks, I believe most people are good” .. Isn’t is sad how a few sour apples can ruin it for the rest of us? It seems the news these days is filled with bad. The good rarely gets recognized because it is always over shadowed by the negative. It is so easy to get stuck in a pattern of hearing the bad and negative and you suddenly start feeling that way. I feel it is so important to look for the good. Especially in people. Life is tough and being that we are all sinners, most days we fall short and mostly we fall short of our own expectations. Each and every night I am given the opportunity to lay my head down for the night and reflect on my day. I try to think about all the positive blessings that occurred that day. And each night it seems that the good always seem to outweigh the bad. In doing this nightly ritual I have found to be a much happier human. I had to break that cycle that the media tends to portray to us, all the bad that is happening every day and find that I have so much more to be happy about. It might seem like a small thing, but I am sure that when you try it, you will find it will become one of your most favorite times of day.

‘I believe them streets of gold are worth the work, but I still want to go even if they are paved in dirt” I don’t know about you, but I don’t know what heaven looks like but I have my own thoughts on what I hope it’s like. So let’s break this down a little more. Those streets of gold are so worth the work. Every day is like a journey for me. And that end reward someday (hopefully later, rather than sooner 😉 ) is to make it to heaven. I mean and there has got to be a pearly gate, right? At least that is in my vision! One day Bryan and I were having a conversation about what we think heaven looks like. I was describing my version to him and it went a little something like this. To me there is nothing better than open fields, hay fields, crop fields, really just the good ole country side. And when I say country I mean no houses for miles. Just me and the open air. I want that. It’s what makes me happy. But in those fields in heaven, all I wish for is a Target. I mean it sounds so cliché to say but Target is my guilty pleasure. I could walk around it for hours, and if you ask Bryan, I do somedays. I always get a little smirk and eyeroll from him when I mention we should go. But I feel that those two very different things being my most favorite things, I get to have them in my vision for heaven. And I am not ashamed 😊     

Friends, I cannot reiterate this enough. Find what makes you happy in life. I am getting to do a job that never ever seems like one. I get to have my sweet boy with me most days and spend almost every day with my sister. I am living the dream and you deserve that too. You do you. Until next time.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6



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