Music is good for my soul

I always seem to have at least one million thoughts inside my head right up until the moment I start to type them out. But I’ll give this a go. I wanted to talk a little bit about how my brain works. Now I know that allowing others inside is a bit scary, especially for me because a lot goes on up there, but I felt like maybe others out there could feel the same way.  So I wanted to talk a little about music and specifically about how when I listen to songs that speak to me, I am able to do my deepest thinking.

I think the reason I am able to think so well while other things are playing out around me is for one I have always been busy, but I have also always been a procrastinator. Knowing that about myself I have literally become an expert at throwing things together completely last minute. Now please know that I am not proud of that little trait I have seemed to develop, but it’s just me. And for right now, I am rolling with it. So back to my music. I have a lot of “favorite songs” and this is one of my most recent. It’s called “Most people are good” by Luke Bryan. There are some in life that bring people down and just down right do the wrong things every chance they get. But growing up where I’m from this song just seems to fit. I have tried to always give people the benefit of the doubt and I know that a few bad apples will always exist. But having a lot of faith in God and learning to find myself through him, this song truly resonates to me. So I wanted to break it down a bit and talk about how it is so fitting for my life, and maybe yours too.

“I believe kids ought to stay kids as long as they can, turn off the screen go climb a tree and get dirt on their hands” –I mean that truly just speaks for itself. Growing up as a kid my only worry was what adventure Anna and I were going to go on the next day. I can assure you there were not many days that went by that an argument didn’t occur, but growing up with a sister that was 2.5 years older was truly the best thing. She had all the ideas and I was the dumb little sister that would do anything she told me. And that combination seemed to always work. And still does. We would go to our fort, have photo sessions, and I would listen to her sing karaoke a lot. But that brings up a whole new blog post for a different day. We spent hours riding our ponies, teaching them tricks and falling off. One summer we decided to “live” in our play house. We found a cooler, grabbed a gallon of milk and a box of cereal and felt like we could conquer the world. If I could go back and enjoy those years a little more, i defiantly would.

“I believe we gotta forgive and make a amends, cause nobody gets a chance to make new old friends” I will be downright honest with this one. I struggle with forgiveness after someone that I truly respect has disappointed me. But let’s think about this. If the world was full of forgiving, God loving, faithful people, It’s scary to think what we could accomplish. This is a personally issue that I am currently working on and praying about daily. I would ask that you evaluate yourself as well. It’s truly refreshing for me to talk with God about the problems I am facing, because at the moment I stop feeling alone. And that for me is simply amazing.

“I believe in working hard for what you got, even if it don’t add up to a hell of a lot” This brings me back to my days of growing up on a farm. Now I wouldn’t say that Anna and I had a ton of chores to do on the farm, but when something was broke, you pitched in to help. When hay was bailed, someone drove, someone stacked and the others helped throw it on the trailer. We weren’t asked, it was expected. Mom and dad didn’t get our horses ready for the shows. They had their own to ride. So if I wanted my horse to be ready, I better get my booty to the barn and ride. Growing up though, Anna and I always had everything we needed. We never lacked the essentials and mom and dad were good to spoil every once in a while. I never remember mom and dad talking much about money or letting us know if the budget was tight that month. We always seemed to get by, but I know that was because they busted their tails to make sure we had everything that was needed. I am not a materialistic person so having the latest and greatest isn’t something important to me. I think I got that from my mom and dad because they taught us that hard work would take you farther in life than anything, and for that, I am forever grateful.

“I believe most people are good, and most momma’s otta qualify for sainthood.” I mean this whole momma thing could turn into its own blog. Being a mom is so many things. Somedays I find myself wondering how a tiny human could control and dictate your whole life and literally they do. My boy is the sweetest, cutest, (yes I know I am biased), and most ornery little boy ever. He loves hard and cries harder I think. I never fully understood moms until I became one, and I have a lot more respect for my own parents now that I am one. Keeping a tiny human alive and thriving is not always as simple as some might think. He is truly the best gift I have ever been given.

I am only about half way through the song, but thought that was plenty for today. I encourage each and every one of you to think deep about your life. Find a song that speaks to you and break it down. Do you thrive on chaos or is that really not your thing? Whatever that is, you do you.  Until next time.

~She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25



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